Everyone has their own favourite superhero and most of them are unrealistic and by this what I mean is, that superhero character might be played by some well-known star who is just another NORMAL HUMAN in reality.

There are many such heroes that people love.
Some might be Superman lovers
Some might be Batman lovers.
Some might be Ironman lovers.
Some might be Captain America lovers.

But one REAL SUPERHERO exists in every part of this world that most of us either don’t realise or simply ignore.


She is someone..
Who carries you for 9 months.
Who goes through a lot of pain while giving you birth.
Who smiles when you cry for the very first time which is her first and last while you cry(when you’re born).

She is someone..
Who takes care of you.
Who teaches you what is good and bad.
Who never demands and expects anything from you except for your LOVE.

She is someone..
Who loves you like no one else.
Who is always there for you whenever you need her.
Who never thinks of herself at the first place.

Moreover, She is someone..
Who has a pure soul.
Who is a wonderful human.
Who gives you a LIFE and makes you a better person.

By now you all might have realised that, that SOMEONE is none other than our “MOM”.
Yes, she is the real superhero and she deserves more LOVE and RESPECT apart from all other superheroes.

P.S. – This post is dedicated to all the MOTHERS, who spend their entire life  without even thinking of anything else other than US. You are the TRUE SUPERHERO!

Unread Letter!


It has been 4 years, since she left him!

And this was the day when his life completely shattered into bits and pieces after seeing her “GOODBYE LETTER”

By now, he had learnt to live his life along with those beautiful memories that they made in their two years of togetherness.


One thing that kills him every single day,
One thing that breaks his heart all over again,
One thing that makes him cry like a small kid,


That “letter” he had kept “unread” for an entire year.

Unread Letter:

“Dear Love,
I want you to be strong while reading this letter!
I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to survive. But before I leave, I want you to know a few things that I’ve never said.

I’m suffering from blood cancer and the doctors say I can live only for an year.

Yes, I wanted to live these last days of mine with you. But I can’t see you in pain while watching me go through those painful therapies.
I also know that it will be very difficult for you, but I want you to learn to live without me and that’s the only reason why I’m leaving you.

I just want you to live happily even after I’m gone!

But don’t you forget that, I’ll be always there for you whenever you’ll need me.


Yours lovingly,

Maybe if he had read that letter before, he could’ve been with her in the last days of her life.

But, it was during her funeral when he read this letter. And that day for the second time his life was again shattered into bits and pieces knowing that, the one whom he loved the most is no longer in his life.

And now after her death, the only thing he has as a memory of her is that..

“Unread Letter”



She is a soul full of life.
She has a heart filled with love.
She is a down to earth person.
That’s how is my SOULMATE!

She is sweet.
She is loving.
She is caring.
That’s how is my SOULMATE!

She behaves like a psycho.
She acts a little weird.
She has got those crazy moves.
That’s how is my SOULMATE!

She is unique.
She is the best of all.
She is one in a million.
That’s how is my SOULMATE!


P.S.– This post is been dedicated to one of the most beautiful and amazing person in my life.

P.P.S.– This post was supposed to be posted on her birthday!🙈



I crave for a solitary space where I can feel those peacefull vibes.
A space where I can grow into a better person.
A space where I can charge up myself with some positivity.
A space where I can understand myself in a much better way.
A space where I can try to overcome my set of fear.
A space where I can just be MYSELF, rather than pretending to be what I’m not.


My Solitary Journey!

My life has always been like a rollercoaster ride, with crazy twists and turns as well as some major ups and downs.

But definitely not the one like in the reality, wherein you have others to accompany you in the ride.
To be more precise it has been like a journey, which is solitary and super bumpy.

It has never been a straight way.
It has never been a smooth way either.


It has always been super exciting.
It has always been super positive.

At the moment all this might seem very confusing and you may think, “How come a lonely journey be super positive and exciting?”

But my question is, “Why can’t it be so?”

Being alone does not always mean that, I’m sad or depressed.
At times it just means that, I’m either trying to understand myself in a much better way or I simply want to spend some time with myself, “BEING MYSELF”.

Not every time I need someone to accompany me. At times being alone gives me immense pleasure than being with someone. At the same time spending some quality time with myself has done wonders.

And yes,
I take this journey quite often, as it boosts my energy, charges me up with positivity and also helps me to become a much better person than what I was yesterday.

So, rather than naming it a rollercoaster ride I would like to call it as “MY SOLITARY JOURNEY!”

Shared Journeys

P.S.- I think, once in a while even you should go for a solitary journey and I assure you, being alone will definitely make you feel at peace and help you to charge up yourself with some positivity.

The Perfect Ending!

Sunset at Matheran Hills

Everyone has their own experience of a “PERFECT ENDING” to the day.

For some, a hot cup of coffee might be the perfect ending to their busy work schedule.

For some, a big slice of cake might be the perfect ending to their dinner time.

While for some, a good book and a cup of tea might be the perfect ending to their normal day-to-day life.

But for me,

This beautiful sunset at the matheran hills was not just a Cherry On Top moment to my two day trip but also a “PERFECT ENDING” to the year “2015”

P.S. – This was one of my experience of a PERFECT ENDING. If you’ve had some same experience like this, feel free to share it.

I would love to read it! 😃

Let go of the PAST!

The past should be left in the past, otherwise it can destroy your future.

Live life for what “TOMORROW” has to offer, not for what “YESTERDAY” has taken away.


You know that feeling you get, when you finally decide of leaving something behind and moving ahead in life..

That feeling of happiness.
That feeling of peace.
That feeling of relief.
Above all,
That feeling of freedom.

Yes! I have felt all of the above feelings, when I finally decided to “LET GO OF THE PAST” and make a move in life which I swear was one of the toughest decision I had ever made.

And why shouldn’t it be so?

It isn’t that easy to come out of depression.
Even if you’re a able to..
It isn’t that easy to make such a decision.
Even if you’re able to..
It isn’t that easy to leave a part of your life.

But at times,

Making a move!
Trying to leave things behind that only give you pain!
Summing up all your courage and taking a step forward!

Is what, that will make you stronger than before and lead you towards a happier life..

The Things We Leave Behind 

P.S. – Continuing to live in the past is the most deadliest decision ever, because going through the same sufferings all over again will only give you pain.
So, at times you need to leave those things behind that have only caused you problems, make a move in life and see what the future holds for you!

I moved on and YES, I’m Happy! I think even YOU should make a move as it’s always said that, “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!”