Hi everyone!

Welcome to this crazy world of Lensgurl filled with some deep, wild and intense thoughts and photographs as well.

Though my thoughts are wild and intense but believe me, I’m a very simple and joyous human being from INDIA. *giggles*😆

I’m a 20 year old, trying to figure out my mysterious life and at the same time trying to spread love, encouragement as well as motivation among people through my thoughts and photographs.

Now a question that might pop up is, “Why such a weird name as Lensgurl?”

The answer is pretty simple. Unlike others I don’t look at this world through my eyes, rather I take a look at it through my camera lens as it helps me to understand and capture this world from a different perspective, giving me some imaginative thoughts as well as some positve inspiration to write.

Another question that might pop up is, “Why do I click pictures?”

Before that, “What are pictures?”

For me, a picture is like a time machine that takes me back in the past to show what I was and now what I’m. It takes me through all those people and things that have either changed or been replaced. It also tells me that, people and things change. But pictures, they remain the same even after ages.

And now if you ask, “Why do I click?”
The answer is pretty simple, to seize every moment and take it with me as a memory.


Thank you for visiting my blog.

I hope you all will like my writing. If you do so and want to read more of it..

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