Everyone has their own favourite superhero and most of them are unrealistic and by this what I mean is, that superhero character might be played by some well-known star who is just another NORMAL HUMAN in reality.

There are many such heroes that people love.
Some might be Superman lovers
Some might be Batman lovers.
Some might be Ironman lovers.
Some might be Captain America lovers.

But one REAL SUPERHERO exists in every part of this world that most of us either don’t realise or simply ignore.


She is someone..
Who carries you for 9 months.
Who goes through a lot of pain while giving you birth.
Who smiles when you cry for the very first time which is her first and last while you cry(when you’re born).

She is someone..
Who takes care of you.
Who teaches you what is good and bad.
Who never demands and expects anything from you except for your LOVE.

She is someone..
Who loves you like no one else.
Who is always there for you whenever you need her.
Who never thinks of herself at the first place.

Moreover, She is someone..
Who has a pure soul.
Who is a wonderful human.
Who gives you a LIFE and makes you a better person.

By now you all might have realised that, that SOMEONE is none other than our “MOM”.
Yes, she is the real superhero and she deserves more LOVE and RESPECT apart from all other superheroes.

P.S. – This post is dedicated to all the MOTHERS, who spend their entire life  without even thinking of anything else other than US. You are the TRUE SUPERHERO!

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