My Solitary Journey!

My life has always been like a rollercoaster ride, with crazy twists and turns as well as some major ups and downs.

But definitely not the one like in the reality, wherein you have others to accompany you in the ride.
To be more precise it has been like a journey, which is solitary and super bumpy.

It has never been a straight way.
It has never been a smooth way either.


It has always been super exciting.
It has always been super positive.

At the moment all this might seem very confusing and you may think, “How come a lonely journey be super positive and exciting?”

But my question is, “Why can’t it be so?”

Being alone does not always mean that, I’m sad or depressed.
At times it just means that, I’m either trying to understand myself in a much better way or I simply want to spend some time with myself, “BEING MYSELF”.

Not every time I need someone to accompany me. At times being alone gives me immense pleasure than being with someone. At the same time spending some quality time with myself has done wonders.

And yes,
I take this journey quite often, as it boosts my energy, charges me up with positivity and also helps me to become a much better person than what I was yesterday.

So, rather than naming it a rollercoaster ride I would like to call it as “MY SOLITARY JOURNEY!”

Shared Journeys

P.S.- I think, once in a while even you should go for a solitary journey and I assure you, being alone will definitely make you feel at peace and help you to charge up yourself with some positivity.

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