Let go of the PAST!

The past should be left in the past, otherwise it can destroy your future.

Live life for what “TOMORROW” has to offer, not for what “YESTERDAY” has taken away.


You know that feeling you get, when you finally decide of leaving something behind and moving ahead in life..

That feeling of happiness.
That feeling of peace.
That feeling of relief.
Above all,
That feeling of freedom.

Yes! I have felt all of the above feelings, when I finally decided to “LET GO OF THE PAST” and make a move in life which I swear was one of the toughest decision I had ever made.

And why shouldn’t it be so?

It isn’t that easy to come out of depression.
Even if you’re a able to..
It isn’t that easy to make such a decision.
Even if you’re able to..
It isn’t that easy to leave a part of your life.

But at times,

Making a move!
Trying to leave things behind that only give you pain!
Summing up all your courage and taking a step forward!

Is what, that will make you stronger than before and lead you towards a happier life..

The Things We Leave Behind 

P.S. – Continuing to live in the past is the most deadliest decision ever, because going through the same sufferings all over again will only give you pain.
So, at times you need to leave those things behind that have only caused you problems, make a move in life and see what the future holds for you!

I moved on and YES, I’m Happy! I think even YOU should make a move as it’s always said that, “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!”

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