Never Stop Believing In Yourself!

“YESTERDAY is not ours to recover, but TOMORROW is ours to win or lose.”

                         – Lyndon B. Johnson 

This life that you have got is none less than a precious gift.
Not everyone gets a “LIFE” to live, so always cherish the one that you’ve been gifted with.

Yes, it is true that..

Everyone dreams of having a happy life.
Everyone dreams of having a stress-free  life.
Everyone dreams of having a successful life.

But, it is also true that..

You can’t be happy forever.
You can’t be at peace forever.
You can’t be successful forever.

This is how life is, it is never the same. And you have to accept the fact that it keeps on changing everyday. 


At times,
You have to feel the sadness.
You have to go through problems.
Above all,
You have to experience failure.

Yes, it will be very difficult as well as painful to go through such situations.
Yes, you might feel frustrated.
Yes, at one point you might also feel like giving up.

But no,
Be Positive.
Stay Strong.
Walk with your head high.


P.S.This post is been dedicated to a very special person in MY LIFE!

A Piece of Advice 

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