Just Another Day!


You wake up to the sound of heavy rains falling outside your window, you take a look at your phone, it’s just 4 A.M. and all that you see inside your room is COMPLETE DARKNESS.


You don’t feel good.
You don’t feel happy.
You don’t feel alive.
You don’t feel like doing anything.

Because TODAY,

You feel sad.
You feel devastated.
You feel lonely.
You feel like giving up everything.

You think of enjoying the rains with a cup of hot coffee but, rather than enjoying you stare at those small water droplets rolling down your window pane and start thinking,

About THINGS..

That you could’ve done.
That you shouldn’t have done.
That went wrong.
That you could’ve done right.


That you have made.
That you could’ve avoided.
That were done purposely.
That you could’ve rectified.

But all of a sudden, your 7 A.M. alarm rings, bringing you back into reality.

And all that you do is, erase all your thoughts, take a deep breath and say to yourself..

Everything will be alright, as it is…


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